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what are the 10 questions you need to answer

10 questions you need to answer before asking for a development quote

A set of questions that will help you understand if you are ready to talk to developers and ask for a price. I also elaborate on why working with fixed scope and budget is very restrictive and can lead you away from your true goal – creating a great product.

Switching to HTTP/2 – what to consider now and use for future projects

HTTP/2 is not a replacement for HTTP/1.x and is no magic technology that will just transfer bites faster. It has pros and cons so we need to educate ourselves and decide whether to use it in a particular project. In this article I focus on migration to HTTP/2 and removing HTTP/1.x optimizations such as image sprites and concatenating JS/CSS files.

wpbgug PHPStorm

Presenting PHPStorm at WPBGUG April meetup

At April’s gathering of Bulgaria’s WordPress User Group I presented PHPStorm – my favorite IDE, which I use in my work every day for the past four years. Working with PHPStrom is a delight – once you have taken your time to set everything up you rarely need to get out of it to do anything.




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