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http vs http2 multiplexing serving all assets together

Switching to HTTP/2 – what to consider now and use for future projects

HTTP/2 is not a replacement for HTTP/1.x and is no magic technology that will just transfer bites faster. It has pros and cons so we need to educate ourselves and decide whether to use it in a particular project. In this article I focus on migration to HTTP/2 and removing HTTP/1.x optimizations such as image sprites and concatenating JS/CSS files.

wpbgug PHPStorm

Presenting PHPStorm at WPBGUG April meetup

At April’s gathering of Bulgaria’s WordPress User Group I presented PHPStorm – my favorite IDE, which I use in my work every day for the past four years. Working with PHPStrom is a delight – once you have taken your time to set everything up you rarely need to get out of it to do anything.


Tips on how to avoid major data losses and stealing your personal electronics

These days in Bulgaria you can’t be sure about anything – especially that you will have your favorite things with you the next day. This summer me and two friends of mine – Dimitar Karamanchev and Evelin Velev (both connected with Start it Smart) got our laptops stolen under very similar circumstances. They both got […]




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