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I got to work on those projects thanks to Camplight.

Those are 3 WordPress based websites –, and share some of their code base and are targeted at the German credit market – they give very good advice what credit to choose from presenting a comparison of all bank’s conditions and terms. The owners are very tech-savvy and have created much of the website themselves with the help of a fellow developer from Camplight. secreenshot WordPress frontend Camplight

Some of the more notable things we did together include:

  • Reduced website load speed and download size significantly pingdom speed test on optimization, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Implemented structured data and ratings – now their pages appear in Google searches as Products and Reviews and have ratings
  • Fully minified and compressed HTML/CSS/JavaScript output with caching, expiration and WP Rocket plugin
  • Using CDN and lazy loading for delivering images
  • Constant SEO optimization and analysis – the website is streamlined, has almost no out links and has very clean markup
  • Improved security by installing and carefully configuring the very useful and popular iThemes Security WordPress Plugin
  • Running HTTP/2 with the help of LiteSpeed web server with 10-20% decreased page load times

I am also very happy that I am able to practice my German with this projects and the ChekYeti projects. Why don’t you follow me on Duolingo and we can challenge each other to achieve even more!

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