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init Lab – Sofia’s Hackerspace

init Lab is the first hackerspace on the Balkans and I am proud to have been involved with its development from the very beginning. I am a part of the ‘managing board’ from it’s official creation in 2012 and am also involved with organizing events and marketing. You can track our activities on our public […] is a small pro bono project I did for Vesela Stambolieva – a very nice lady with and incredible talent to write poetry and describe her own mystical experiences. In this website she presents her book called ‘Messages from Eagle Nib – wisdom from a great Indian Magician’ and other smaller publications. In late […]

Collectors Quest

Collectors Quest

Collectors Quest was a US based startup targeted at collectors of vintage and antique items. I worked there for 7 months before the company had to close down due to not being able to receive another round of funding from the National Geographic channel. The website was a hybrid between Symfony and WordPress – basically […]


Ivo Christov is the graphic and visual designer and photographer behind the incredible БALKANSKY project. Ivo also specializes and has done hundreds of album covers for some of the most famous Bulgarian performers and bands. He is also responsible for the design of his own website and the БALKANSKY website. You definitely need to check […]

Ivan Shopov is one of the most successful Drum and Bass artists of our time, with more than 230 releases behind his back (please contemplate on that for a minute, he is around 30 years old). Cooh (his Drum and Bass impersonation) has traveled the globe and has been a headliner for hundreds of parties […]