Project ASID, or how to apply for European youth projects with your friends

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Being a young person and creative person never was an easy task. The desire to make more and more interesting, different and life changing events and solve social and economic problems drove us to work on this project.

The main idea behind it is to organize a travelling exhibition around the Bulgarian universities and promote our historical and cultural heritage. To be able to complete this task and be able to make the exhibition as interesting, accurate and involving as possible we plan on visiting a lot of festivals, events and all sorts of gatherings ourselves and with other volunteer friends. Because we can’t cover our expenses with our own money we decided to write a project and apply for 10.000 leva with the youth in action program. We will also try to apply for another program –My beautiful small european project.

Of course we will need a website to further promote our activities and make our work and intentions more popular. This web page will require a lot of hard work and will have tons of cool features.

Wish us luck, because writing complex documentation like this requires a lot of dedication and hard work. I will keep you informed as to what we achieve and how the project is going.

We also intend to post our project here and on other easily available places, so others like YOU can have a look at it and write their own projects having real life examples.

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