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Presenting PHPStorm at WPBGUG April meetup

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At April’s gathering of Bulgaria’s WordPress User Group I presented PHPStorm – my favorite IDE, which I use in my work every day for the past four years. Working with PHPStrom is a delight – once you have taken your time to set everything up you rarely need to get out of it to do anything. It gives you a console, code sniffer, updating remote servers, version control integration, using different code styling depending on frameworks/CMS and works under all major operating systems – PHPStorm offers a complete solution, suitable for both freelance developers and teams.

How I got presented at the event

Anton Ruzhekov is a professional PHP developer for 7 years now and has experience with Symfony, CodeIgniter and WordPress. As a programmer he has always worked in companies that have no ‘office’ and ‘working hours’ and he intends to keep it that way. He uses the PHPStorm IDE for around 4 years and is very happy with it. Apart from PHP he has pushed production code in JavaScript, HTML/CSS and Perl. In his free time he studies the Human Design system, plays Drum and Bass music at parties and drives his snowboard and bike.

Ruji is going to tell us more about PhpStorm. This is the most popular paid IDE for PHP. JetBrains, the company behind it, is leader in the segment and specializes in developing IDEs for all major programming languages, meaning you always get to use the latest and greatest from all languages and the best for your language of choice. From version 8 PHPStrom has added support for our beloved WordPress. Together we will look at the possibilities this presents to us as WordPress developers.

Presentation from the event

The event in Facebook (you need to be part of the Facebook group to see it), as well as the official post for the event.

For those of you who want to join the User Group please follow this link.

Do you use PHPStorm? If yes – what do you think about it, and if no – what stops you from trying it? I expect your feedback in the comments below.

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