Drupal Camp 2011

Drupal Camp

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I am not really into the DRUPAL stuff, but I would really like to see where this platform is going. I have never used it and don’t even know what it is capable of but am eager to learn! I also expect to meet a lot of new people and have lot of fun talking about ‘geeky’ internet stuff. I am going there with Antonina Dineva and a coleague of hers, but I expects some guys from initLab to come along, too.

So here is what the official site http://www.drupalcamp.bg says:

DrupalCamp is a conference organized by Drupal Bulgaria and the Drupal Camp Team to unite and improve the Drupal Development Community in Bulgaria and CEE.


Saturday, 22.01.2011 “Camp Day 1” 9 – 17h.

Sunday, 23.01.2011 “Camp Day 2” 10 – 17h.

Sessions and Topics

Current plans are to have two or three tracks. Large rooms each hold over 100 people, while small rooms hold more than 25 attendees with laptops. Have a look at the proposed sessions: http://www.drupalcamp.bg/en/sessions After we have a *final schedule* – sometime in the week before camp – we’ll need you to update your personal schedule from the sessions that made the cut.

What to Bring

* A notebook * Business cards * Good mood

See you there!

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