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Designers can send us their idea of an unique tee. Our fans will have the option to rate the designs on D-Shirt’s Facebook page. The design with most likes at the end of the contest period, will win our big prize and coupon for D-Shirts. All designs in top 10 will get a coupon for 50lv. After the submission period is over, everyone could buy the awesome top 10 D-Shirts! All D-Shirts will be limited.

When the period ends, the next contest will begin with the same rules and even more attractive prizes. Designers from previous rounds will be able to submit their new ideas. Get ready for special prices for the most active users!

From the next contest you will able to rate and submit designs to our new site . There everyone will have a profile, where you will be able to check your voting history and your previous submissions.

Our mission:

To wrap the torsos of the world’s most awesome people with beautifully designed cottony goodness!

Очаквайте съвсем скоро новият ни сайт на адрес http://d-shirt.org! А до тогава посещавайте редовно фейсбук страницата ни и оценявайте любимите ви дизайни! А защо да не се опитате и Вие да пратите дизайн? Помнете – всеки може да участва в конкурса и печели този с най-много гласове!

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