Switching to HTTP/2 – what to consider now and use for future projects

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HTTP/2 is not a replacement for HTTP/1.x and is no magic technology that will just transfer bites faster. It has pros and cons so we need to educate ourselves and decide whether to use it in a particular project. In this article I focus on migration to HTTP/2 and removing HTTP/1.x optimizations such as image sprites and concatenating JS/CSS files.

init Lab - a place to work with friends

initLab – the place to work with your friends

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InitLab is my favourite place in Sofia and I work there 🙂 Odd, isn’t it? Еми всъщност не толкова. В InitLab има всичко, от което един програмист има нужда – интернет, вежливи и отзивчиви колеги, храна и не на последно място – хладилник пълен с бира. Това е място, където идеите се зараждат и развиват. […]



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This web project is dedicated to the work of Ivo Christov – a famous Bulgarian designer, photographer and musician. Most of all Ivo is very talented and skillful. He has thousands of projects behind his back and is eager to share them with you trough his new website. He works closely with Ivan Shopov (click […]