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orlovo-pero.com is a small pro bono project I did for Vesela Stambolieva – a very nice lady with and incredible talent to write poetry and describe her own mystical experiences. In this website she presents her book called ‘Messages from Eagle Nib – wisdom from a great Indian Magician’ and other smaller publications. In late 2013 I was introduced to her by Silvia Jordanova from Metareading and Pokaji mi and decided I could help her get her poetry out into the world.

The website is WordPress based and uses a theme that presents her stories as if you are reading a book on your screen. This was one of her requests and I made sure she gets what she wanted. You can also find random ‘lucky charm’ messages appearing in the extendable menu on every page.

Eagle Nib screenshot-orlovo-pero.com

We were all very happy with the end result of the website – everything she needed to keep her audience happy and engaged.

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