НООРО – Национална организация по оползотворяване и рециклиране на отпадъци

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This website is a complete redesign of NOORO‘s old website which was already quite outdated. It uses a premium theme I needed to localize, which turned out to be the biggest challenge in this project. As it always tends to happen with themes you buy from ThemeForest and the like you envision it will take you a few hours to modify and deploy but there are always hidden challenges, especially with internationalization. So don’t ever underestimate those, even if you have experience with WordPress and web design in general 😉

The result is a well structured, informative website that contains the data NOORO needs in one place – laws, regulations, news, their partners and the locations where you can take your garbage to recycle. The website was also implemented to have an English version available.

It was a pleasure to work with NOORO as I think there is a lot to be done in Bulgaria when it comes to recycling and those guys are doing a lot of work to promote proper and environmently friendly methods. I really hope we soon become a 1st world country where you actually do something about separating the waste you produce and not just throw it all in one bin as in the 1980s.

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