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Metareading is one of the coolest and the surely the funniest company I have worked with. The company specializes in new types of learning based on the Suggestopedia methodology, developed by prof. dr. Georgi Lozanov.

Metareading is a company that develops the reserve capacities for reading with high speed and elevated percentage of understanding for teenagers, parents and business people. That leads to increased confidence, intelligence and bears everyday benefits from practically applying technical, business and art books.

Both Dimitar (Mitko) Karamanchev and Silvia Jordanova, who are the senior educators in the company, have been personally trained by prof. Lozanov.

Metalandia is a fund which researches and develops the reserve capacities of the brain, hyper activity and hyper memory. Its mission is to create an educational game platform allowing an average of 500% increase in learning and business potential.

Metalandia is also the nickname for Metareading’s office at Prelom 8 street in Sofia.


My first Metareading course with them was in early 2012 (article in Bulgarian) when the company was just starting and even then I had tremendous improvements in the way I read and learn. I have to say my desire to read books has increased from reading a book a month to reading a book a day! I re-realized the importance of reading and started enjoying much more than before. Lately Dimitar started a long awaited business course which I took and I can say it is nothing less than brilliant. It helps you develop your business as a game and you follow a very easy and intuitive system which includes every process any business should have. He also gives you personalized attention and solutions to your business problems and gives examples for project management with Podio, Facebook marketing tricks, business development examples and much more. I recommend their courses to anyone willing to improve their brain or business, or both. By the way everyone who has taken any of their courses can repeat their education free of charge after an year or more to make sure the knowledge acquired is refreshed.

Talent Tournament

Me and Mitko also started a company which aim was to dig deep into and get the practical out of the Human Design, Gene Keys and Bhan Tugh systems which all share the same fundamentals. Our initial idea was to create online courses and games based on those systems so we can help people find and develop their genius and develop on their stronger traits. We also did a series of intro courses (Talent Tournaments) which were quite successful and we managed to present personally the basics of those systems to more than a hundred people. Part of those intro courses involved a free 30 minute consultation with every attendee so during those I managed to make a lot of personal interviews and helped a those people to get to know themselves better and start making decisions following their inner authority. We also started offering paid consultations targeted at business, health, relationships, family, hiring employees, etc. However at some point we decided that courses and consultations take up too much of our time and even though we were going great and people loved them we decided to take some time and work on ourselves first (increasing our own knowledge and personal vibration) and then focus on creating an online game which really has a scaling potential. However if you need any materials (I have books, videos and even materials in Bulgarian we spent a lot of time on creating!) or help with getting to know those systems and yourself, please let me know at ruji [at]

Dixit with Human Design cards
I still have a Dixit deck with Human Design cards. Expect the Expansion with new 84 cards soon!

Pokaji Mi logo

Silvia actually has a separate company called Pokaji mi (translated ‘Show me’ – Покажи ми) which specializes in working with youngsters from 5 to 12 years old. I have participated as DJ/VJ in the Knights Ball of 2015 and I can say that their approach to children is completely out of the ordinary – I have never before seen children being so caught up in their learning activities! Also in Metalandia (their office) kids seem to be having so much fun and on top of that report 300-500% improvement in their learning in school. All my friends who have kids are already their clients, so I can definitely recommend them to you as well.

As far as technology goes I helped them with their old website which was WordPress based and am actively helping them with their new Node.js solution. Their website and whole branding are based on ‘badges’, which they also use to create custom Dixit Cards which are very helpful for learning, games and even project and task management (which they do internally in the company)!

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