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Ivo Christov is the graphic and visual designer and photographer behind the incredible БALKANSKY project. Ivo also specializes and has done hundreds of album covers for some of the most famous Bulgarian performers and bands. He is also responsible for the design of his own website and the БALKANSKY website.

Ivo Christov is a Bulgarian graphic designer, music producer and photographer currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

You definitely need to check him out – a man dedicated to bringing perfection in his work, creating breathtaking shows and items your eyes and soul will surely enjoy.

The website is Symfony based and has a few interesting features. The first one is that it starts with 15 randomly served images featuring Ivo in a photo session he did himself – very stylish and playing with the lights. The website is also fully AJAX integrated (which was a thing in 2012) so no reloading of pages here. The website also has it’s own mp3 player, which helps you listen to some exclusive music from the KUKER Music and БALKANSKY labels.

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