init Lab – Хакерспейсът на София

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init Lab hackerspace Sofia Rila street 6 WordPress

init Lab is the first hackerspace on the Balkans and I am proud to have been involved with its development from the very beginning. I am a part of the ‘managing board’ from it’s official creation in 2012 and am also involved with organizing events and marketing. You can track our activities on our public GitHub repository where we have our Regulations, ongoing Issues and other useful documents we use on a daily bases. We also have a Wiki page, where you can find out more information and images.

vloo initlab leader Vladimir Vassilev

You can read a story I wrote about init Lab’s evolution here (article in Bulgarian).

init Lab hackerspace poster Sofia WordPress Rila 6

The hackerspace was originally very near NDK in the very heart of town (Lozenetz street number 4). It was in an apartment building and at some point we needed to get a bigger space with no neighbors so we can express our creativity undisturbed by mundane life.

initLab poster Sofia hackerspace dark theme

Следва продължение ….

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