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Collectors Quest was a US based startup targeted at collectors of vintage and antique items. I worked there for 7 months before the company had to close down due to not being able to receive another round of funding from the National Geographic channel.

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The website was a hybrid between Symfony and WordPress – basically bloggers were using WordPress at the blog section and all more complex functionality were handled by Symfony. It was very successful cooperation between those two very popular PHP solutions and we had achieved two way communication between them. I have to say this is the best managed project I have been involved with up to date – from technical to business point of view. Sadly it never attracted high enough attention to be funded again.

The team consisted of more than 10 people – the company SEO Elizabeth Kressel, the company CTO Kiril Angov, 2 backend developers (me included), a frontend developer and more than 5 bloggers.

This is what the company CEO Elizabeth Kressel had to say about our work together (pasted from my LinkedIn profile):

Anton was phenomenal to work with – he brought enthusiasm to the table from day one on the job. However, what impressed me most was his constant desire to deliver above and beyond what was asked of him. He thinks long and hard about the task at hand and broke down very technical pieces of our business into layman’s terms quite easily.

I recommend Anton very highly and would hire Anton again without question. His work was impeccable and worked extremely well with our team.

After Collectors Quest was shut down Elizabeth (Liz) recommended me to her friend Sherri Langburt where I worked as Project Manager and basically CTO for 4 months on her now very successful Blog Meets Brand project. I quit to join Chain Solutions and sadly this later turned out to be not that good of a step in my professional path.

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