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I started this project in the beginning of 2012 invited by my friends Ivan Shopov (aka Cooh, aka Balkansky) and Ivo Christov. I have already worked with them on their personal websites and we were all happy with the results.

Recently they went on a North American Tour and me and Ivo were on a mission to create a landing page where their fauns from across the ocean could buy tickets for their performances. This is the result: North American Tour

The page is fully responsive, with 4 different resolution breakpoints and different background images. Also on mobile the page looks much different with the background image modified and in the bottom of the page. We did a lot of back and forward work until we get it just perfect – and I think it was worth it!

I am a huge fan of the music БALKANSKY are creating! It is a mixture of live folklore motives, presented by legends like Theodosii Spassov, modern baselines by Ivan Shopov and stunning visuals by Ivo Christov. I listen to their magnificent and energetic music often and am in love with the red vinyl from their latest album:

This is a screenshot from the website soon after the ORENDA album launch:


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