init Lab – Хакерспейсът на София

init Lab is the first hackerspace on the Balkans and I am proud to have been involved with its development from the very beginning. I am a part of the ‘managing board’ from it’s official creation in 2012 and am also involved with organizing events and marketing. You can track our activities on our public […]

Franziska Veh

С Франциска работихме заедно по проекта Eating with the Chefs. Тя направи всички 3 редизайна на Eating, в които и участвах и аз. Работихме усилено и задружно по проекта и естествено се включих в редизайна на нейния личен портфолио сайт. Както бихте си представили Franziska направи всички дизайни за сайта собственоръчно. Дизайна е минималистичен, оригинален […]

Eating with the Chefs

Eating with the Chefs е Берлински стартъп, фокусиран върху пренасянето на изисканата ресторантска атмосфера в дома на достъпни цени. Най-добрите готвачи в областта приготвят ястия от световна класа, които след това се пресъздават, биват шоково изстудени и доставени до вратата ви. Идеални за романтични и семейни вечери, специални случаи, както и за хора, които обръщат […] и

I got to work on those projects thanks to Camplight. Those are 3 WordPress based websites –, and share some of their code base and are targeted at the German credit market – they give very good advice what credit to choose from presenting a comparison of all bank’s conditions and terms. […]

bgfundforwomen български фонд за жените

Български фонд за жените

As they state on their website: Bulgarian Fund for Women is the only indigenous donor in Bulgaria that raises funds and gives grants to local NGOs working to advance women’s and girls’ rights, eliminate gender stereotypes, gender-based violence and discrimination, achieve gender equality in all spheres of life and make a social change. I actually […]

I started this project in the beginning of 2012 invited by my friends Ivan Shopov (aka Cooh, aka Balkansky) and Ivo Christov. I have already worked with them on their personal websites and we were all happy with the results. Recently they went on a North American Tour and me and Ivo were on a […]

CheckYeti Logo


CheckYeti is an Austrian startup focused on Find(ing) the best ski instructors and guides! They approached me trough Camplight for the creation of a Facebook game. As I am a huge snow sports fan and me and Mitko from Metareading have been thinking about creating a similar project I could not say no to them. […]


I n the middle of August 2015 I started working with Camplight – a company with a flat structure established by independent professionals. They have more than 10 years of experience and the company offers development on almost any technology out there. I was introduced by my friend Vitaliy who was already working with them […]

Chain Solutions

I worked with Chain Solutions for 27 months and was able to help the company expand its potential by implementing sooo many services. Chain Solutions offers solutions for call centers however their biggest client is InFocus – a fortune 500 company in the US, which is in turn a property of one of China’s biggest […]