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This is a list of my older projects. Check out my latest projects!

Url: http://www.collectorsquest.com

Collectors Quest is the most advanced project I have been part of to date. In comparison to most of my personal projects with this one we had the time and resources to get everything done right and up to standard. The result is a very good and fast world class website!

Technologies used: Symfony 1.4, Propel, WordPress, Bootstrap, Composer, Vagrant, Twig, Remote images on S3 server, Aviary, Janrain and much more

Buy Sell Show Antiques Collectibles Vintage Items Collectors Quest

Site Url: http://www.barouhandpartners.com

Posts on this website: blog: Re-designing an existing website – what to be careful about

This is the website of Barouh and Partners with who I work for quite some time now. We offer the following (and more related) services: website design, development and support, Live webcasting, Events Management, Video Production. The services offered are top quality and I personally guarantee about this! For more detailed information about our service, projects and client visit the website at http://www.barouhandpartners.com.

Site url: http://balkansky.bg/
БALKANSKY is an audio-visual art project that combines traditional Bulgarian music with electronic sound and vision. It is realized in collaboration between Ivo Christov and Ivan Shopov. Later on the musical legend Theodosii Spassov joined the project and nowadays, all three of them present the project live all around the world. When the project is presented as a live act it includes music performed by Theodosii Spassov, mixed with electronic sounds and beats by Ivan Shopov and interactive visuals from Ivo Christov.

Site url: http://ivanshopov.com
Posts about this website: click here
Additional notes: Ivan Shopov’s website has great design by Loop Stepwalker, has an online shop and you can find in in everything connected to Ivan’s artworks, Balkansky, Cooh and Drum Kid. You can also find more information about Ivan’s new label – ABCD!

Site url: http://metafiziq.org
Posts about this website: click here
Additional notes: This is the website of the only Bulgarian drum and bass label, which I am proud to be part of. We organize parties in Bulgaria and members are invited to play their unique styles all across the globe! Check out http://metafiziq.org for our releases and events!

Site url: http://www.vikingrenewablebg.com
Posts about this website: click here
Additional notes: Viking Renewable Ltd is specialized in building solar parks. They received their webpage in record time – 2 weeks from the beginning of the project untill the website was online. If you are looking for something similar just contact me.

Viking Renewable BG developed by Anton Ruzhekov

Site url: http://ivochristov.com
Posts about this website: introducing the concept I going live
Additional notes: Ivo Christov is a great designer, photographer and music producer! We joined forces to make his website and became friends along the way. Check it out – the content is incredible!

ivochristov.com Ivo Christov design, photography, music production

Site url: http://krassimirtaskov.com
Krassimir Taskov is a world class composer, pianist and pedagogue. He is an author of many works for piano and duo piano, chamber and solo instrumental music and orchestral works, some of which you can hear directly on his website. You can also see the next place he will be playing around the world and if you are lucky you may be near! Krassimir is the father of my good friend Drago (a.k.a. Digital Soul) and by the looks of things music runs deep in their family!

Site url: http://murgova.com
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Additional notes: “Murgova & Partners” Attorneys at law renders complete services on the corporative law to leading companies in Republic of Bulgaria, determining the pattern of Bulgarian business.

murgova.com law attorneys at law

Site url: http://silvernoise.net
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Additional notes: Silvernoise is a company that promotes Bulgarian music! They deserve a lot of credit fo that!

Site url: http://deltainst.com
Additional notes: Delta Instruments – Your partner for measurement and control (up and running from 22.03.2011)

Site url: http://elfite.bg
“Elfite” Ltd. is an independent Bulgarian agency working on promotions, special events and design. The founders are Daniela Baicheva and Yavor Baichev who I know for many years. You can count on them for anything – from organizing your event to grand scale projects involving many people and organization.


Site url: http://seed.startitsmart.com (no longer available)
Posts about this website: click here
Additional notes: Expect our new entrepreneural challenge! Idea Challenge 2011 is comming your way and you can bet it will be huge! We are also starting a new project – http://planetpreneur.org (also not available), expect more about it very soon!

Site url: http://startitsmart.com
Additional notes: I am currently “Technology Leader” at Start it Smart. For more information please visit our web site – http://startitsmart.com

Site url: http://silvex1.com
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Additional notes: This is an online shop based on the Summer Cart CMS. I did this project in collaboration with my friends from TheSimpleComplex.

babyworld silvex1 Anton Ruzhekov

Site url: http://d-shirt.org (website is down and no longer in use!)
Posts about this website: click here
Additional notes: This is a community website based on the idea of my friends Krasi and Naiden. They are making a lot of cool t-shirts!

d-shirt t-shirt design symfony

Site url: http://arielleandjonathan.com
Additional notes: Wedding web sites in a blink of an eye! Everyone should have a wedding website, so why not give it as a present?

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