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Ivan Shopov is one of the most successful Drum and Bass artists of our time, with more than 230 releases behind his back (please contemplate on that for a minute, he is around 30 years old). Cooh (his Drum and Bass impersonation) has traveled the globe and has been a headliner for hundreds of parties and is very well known thought the scene.

However Ivan is much more than a famous Drum and Bass producer – he creates breathtaking art with hundreds of artworks and tens of exhibitions around the world. He is also well known as Balkansky – his dubstep and folklore personality. Not to be mistaken with БALKANSKY though – notice the difference in the first Б (B). A man of many personalities, he also produces IDM and techno under the name of Drum Kid. From all of his ‘faces’ his own label was born – ABCD – Art, Balkansky, Cooh, Drum Kid.

Ivan is a great person, dedicated to creating quality art in many and changing forms. If I did not know his Human Design chart I would be confused as to how he can do all of those together. However rest assured – all can be explained trough mechanics and the completely open G center.

He also created his own branded ‘One Man Show’-s, where he presents his artwork and all of the different music he creates – and people just love it! 7 hours of Ivan and you cannot be the same again. If you don’t know who this guys is, then take your time to check him out – he has so much to show you!

screenshot-ivanshopov.com art section

The website is designed by Loop Stepwalker and I have to say at the time it came out (2010) there weren’t many websites that looked that good. Later on we added a music player, linked to each website’s section and loads different tracks from SoundCloud depending on that.

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