Mind Mapping and my new cool CV!

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I recently became interested in mind mapping techniques thanks to my friends from mindmapping.bg. I went to two of their cources and am extremely happy with the results! I also read a book from Tony Buzan (http://www.tonybuzan.com/) on the same subject and started using the iMindMap software to try and make some fun and interesting experiments. You can see the first major one here (a bit in bulgarian, but you should understand most of it anyways):

CV Anton Ruzhekov

Murgova and Partners attorneys at law Ivo Christov  - Design, Photography, Music initLab - a place to work with friends StartitSmart entrepreneurship club D-Shirt making the t-shirts you vote for Ivan Shopov - Art, Balkansky, Cooh, Drum Kid Delta Instruments Delta Instruments Metafiziq Recordings Metafiziq Recordings my portfolio Ted: Ideas worth spreading Technical University of Sofia Technical University of Sofia - system administrator World Jewish Congress - Barouh and Partners Beth Hillel - Barouh and Partners The Commentator - Barouh and Partners Silvernoise - Barouh and Partners Barouh and Partners company webpage

Yes, that is my CV! And what a great way to visualize it! Now it is the first time I regret not going to job interviews (as any self-respecting enerpereneur should) but I intend to show this to everyone (yourself included, dear reader).

So – wait no more – make your own mind maps and start having as much fun as I did making it!

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