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Lean Spark 21.05 – organized by MakeSense and Start it Smart

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Leanspark brings you the core entrepreneurial community behind the Leancamp movement. You’ll meet the people who are combining entrepreneurialism with design and accelerating their businesses with a focus on learning. They will share how to apply Lean Startup principles along with other European strengths in Business Model Generation, Design Thinking and Customer Development.

About LeanSpark
Leanspark isn’t just for entrepreneurs – it comes from an inter-disciplinary community. Designers, researchers, product managers, developers and managers also learn from each other’s methods, and from the commercial sense and authority entrepreneurs bring by using methodologies such as Lean Startup.

Leanspark is a high-energy, full-day conference, filled with a range of talks, workshops, real-world examples and case studies and interactive games. It is hosted in the iconic Sofia University Aula by Start It Smart and Reloyalty.

About LeanCamp
Leancamp is an open event which brings together the world’s Lean, Agile and Design-led business leaders.

Leancamp has a multi-disciplinary format which brings together different communities and industries in a learning-focused environment, which sparks new tools and partnerships.

The first Leancamp was a held in London in May, 2010, which sold out at 160 participants.

It included such leading lights as David Heinemeier Hansson of 37 Signals, Eric Ries of Lean Startup, Reshma Sohoni of Seedcamp, Dave Gray of XPLANE, and Patrick Van Der Pijl of Business Model Generation. You can read more about it, and see the full line-up here.

We are currently planning another Leancamp event in London, and investigating the potential for the Leancamp format and content to be used internationally, bringing the core strengths of Lean Startup, Agile and Design to industries around the world, and creating international commercial connections which further develop these processes.

Leancamp was created by Salim Virani, Nicky Smyth and Saul Albert.

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